#journodefender is an edited version of a Fojo Media Institute pilot study, in association with the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, aimed to investigate the potential and lay the ground for an international centre that deals with computational propaganda against journalism, i.e. hate, harassment and threats, with emphasis on female journalists. The pilot study was made possible through a grant by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The study was initiated by Lars Tallert, Head of Policy and International Development at Fojo Media Institute, and is based on a position paper by him.



Marika Griehsel

Marika led the project, co-wrote the report and conducted field interviews with journalists and media professionals in Mexico, Ukraine, Egypt and the Philippines. Marika is a prize- winning documentary filmmaker, journalist, moderator, news and science presenter and former Africa correspondent for Swedish Television.

Christer L. Pettersson

Christer was the editor and principal writer, he also coordinated Swedish Institute of International Affairs contribution and wrote the profiles on Mexico, Egypt and Ukraine. Christer is an international media advisor and author. He is a former Africa correspondent for the Swedish newspapers Dagens Industri and Dagens Nyheter. He founded his first internet media start-up in 2000.

Lena Karlsson

Lena wrote the country profile on the Philippines. Lena is an editor at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Henrik Chetan Aspengren

Henrik wrote the country profile on Pakistan. Henrik holds a PhD and is a researcher and specialist on Pakistan at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

Anders Behrmann

Anders designed the report. He is the Communications specialist at Fojo Media Institute.

Sofie Gullberg

Sofie was the project coordinator. She is a political scientist with more than 10 years in the field of international development and media development.

Aras Lindh

Aras was the Swedish Institute of International Affairs project manager.


We would appreciate if you can participate in this survey on online hate, harassment and threats against women, transgender and non-binary journalist. It is an attempt to globally map politically motivated, organised attempts to distort journalists independent reporting. The survey is part of a pilot-project by Fojo Media Institute, Sweden’s leading institute to support journalism around the world, aimed at setting up #journodefender, an international monitoring and coordination hub to monitor, act and build resilience among journalists. This is a multiple choice survey – select the most plausible answer for each question. Thank you in advance for taking part. You will see the result of your participation directly after you have filled in the survey. The survey is open to ALL professional journalists.